Happy Spring! It may not really feel like Sping yet here in Illinois, but I know for sure it's arrived. The reason I know is because the Robins are hoping all over the ground and I see them looking for the perfect nesting places (like my porch light). Don't know if you've ever had a Robin make a nest near your front door, but it's definitely not a good idea. I know you might be thinking, oh I can't wait to watch those sweet baby birds. Don't do it! Momma bird won't like company and your company won't like being the enemy of momma. To help discourage nesting on my porch light, I put a 7-up can on top of it, doesn't look great, but it works. My aunt's Budweiser can seems to get a little more attention though. 

Anyway, back to minis. To honor all those sweet birds, here are some of the bird related minis we've just added back to the shop. 

Love these hand painted bird figurines. Thrilled to have them back in the shop. Be sure to browse "birds" to see all the different ones we currently have available. 

These popular songbirds are back in stock. Listing includes a set of 3 birds. 

Cute bird seed bag, makes a great outdoor/gardening accessory. 

Sweet birds for inside, this cute cockatiel looks adorable attached to just about any mini surface. 

Always happy to see these adorable hummingbird feeders back in stock. 

Another beautiful handpainted miniature bird figurine to show you.